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Todd McCracken

President and CEO

Todd McCracken currently serves as President of NSBA, directing all activities of the advocacy-oriented association since 1997, previously serving as vice president of government affairs since he joined our staff in 1988.

Todd represents NSBA before the U.S. Congress and myriad other settings. As director of its government affairs arm, he plays a key role in developing NSBA’s policies on issues and the strategies in implementing them. Since coming to the association, Todd has testified before Congress numerous times about issues ranging from fundamental health care reform, to restructuring the tax code.

Todd also is a frequent commentator in the media, having appeared on CNN, CNBC, Fox News Channel, MSNBC, and NBC Nightly News as well as in the Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The New York Times, and myriad other publications on behalf of NSBA and its members.

A native of New Mexico, Todd is a graduate of Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas, with a B.A. in Economics.

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