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NSBA Initiatives

Action Alerts

Members are at the core of NSBA, and our efforts in Washington would be nothing without their support in driving the small-business advocacy initiatives we do every day. 

Click now and click back often to learn the latest about our efforts on Capitol Hill and beyond! 

Research and Briefs

NSBA is a recognized source for data on America’s small-business community. We produce two biannual Economic Reports which provide trending data on how small business is faring, a host of targeted surveys on items ranging from taxation to exporting, and our weekly quick polls which give an informal snapshot of how small businesses are feeling on any number of issues.

NSBA Issues & Small-Business Priorities

At the beginning of each new session of Congress, NSBA members gather to hear from thought leaders on countless issues facing small business, and then discuss, debate and ultimately vote on the organization’s Top 10 Priority Issues for the coming two years.

Big opportunities for small business are all around, and NSBA's Economic Development priorities are pointed at creating more. 

Environmental and Regulatory Affairs (ERA) is focused on giving good air to small businesses operating in this wide-open space.  

Health and Human Resources (HHR) is focused on fighting for transparency, accountability, and optimization for small businesses operating across these industries.  

Common sense is the foundation of NSBA priority policy pursuits.  Particularly for matters related to taxation, we are dedicated to being small business' representation. 

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