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A glimpse of NSBA/SBEA member agricultural export activity. 

As the nation’s oldest and largest non-profit association representing small-business technology firms, we work to influence pro-small-business policies that will help expand tech as a viable option for all small businesses. We are a recognized leader on small-business technology policy and have been outspoken on many critical small-business science issues.


NSBA Members |
The Face of Small-Business Technology

A combination of NSBA's best qualities, SBTC is comprised of technology leaders from across the U.S. with vested interests in pursuing and ensuring tech and science policies are centered around common sense. 

SBTC | Supporting Small Business Technology Growth in Every Way

The Small Business Technology Council is America’s premier coalition for small and mid-sized tech firms, and serves as the tech policy arm of the National Small Business Association (NSBA), the nation’s first small-business advocacy organization with more than 65, 000 members across the country. SBTC's member companies are a diverse group of small and mid-size technology firms in a wide array of industries and geographic regions throughout the U.S.

Two staunchly nonpartisan organizations, NSBA and SBTC have played an instrumental role in some key pieces of legislation, including past reauthorizations of the SBIR grant program, the development of pro-tech policy programs, and efforts to streamline federal technology resources. We encourage you to consider joining SBTC. With your support and the support of thousands of other small business owners, we can make a difference here in Washington, D.C., that will help businesses like yours compete across the country and beyond.

SBTC's active lobbying efforts in Washington, D.C., are aimed at improving technology policy for small technology firms throughout the country. We have a host of benefits available to SBTC members, including the broad NSBA-family of member benefits. Additionally, we can connect you with a wide array of resources beyond SBTC, such as trade leads and local exporting assistance tools.

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