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Leadership Council

Make Your Voice Heard!


Take Your Seat 
at the Table 

As a member of the Leadership Council, you can take an active role in crafting NSBA policy through our active Issue Committee structure. We encourage you to join one of our four Issue Committees: Taxation, Economic Development, Environmental and Regulatory Affairs, and Health and Human Resources.

Tell Your

NSBA maintains an active presence with the media and is a go-to resource for reporters. As a member of the Leadership Council, we count on your expertise and your stories to inform the media and general public about what it means to run a small business in America.

Read NSBA's 
Latest Politics

See where you stand in relation to your cohorts in America’s small business community. This survey has a wealth of information, and routinely finds small-business owners are independent-minded, politically engaged and split relatively evenly among Republicans, Democrats and Independents.

Become Part of the Leadership Council

Members of NSBA’s Leadership Council are part of an exclusive group of small-business leaders who have been active on the local, regional, state and national level in key policy initiatives. They work to build coalitions and cultivate small-business proponents in every level of government. If you’d like to be considered for membership in the Leadership Council, complete this brief survey and our staff will contact you shortly.

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NSBA Leadership Council is a select group of small-business activists who engage with Congress, the administration, state and local Government and the media. NSBA Leadership Council members are a diverse group of business owners that share the common attribute of being leaders in their communities.

NSBA Leadership Council members enjoy special benefits which provides the participant a seat at the table and opportunities to become involved in various activities, events and business intelligence. 

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Blank Envelopes

Write Your

NSBA’s Leadership Council plays a critical role in our grassroots advocacy. Please take a few moments today to visit the NSBA Action Center and personalize our many pre-drafted letters on a wide variety of topics.

In just two minutes, you can send in well-researched letters to your Members of Congress and start building–or build upon existing–trusted relationships with influential lawmakers from your state.

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