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Access to Capital

NSBA has been the leading voice in Washington, D.C. urging lawmakers to support policies that make financing more accessible to small businesses. From ensuring small businesses are protected from deceptive credit card practices to funding and improving SBA’s various lending programs, NSBA knows that financing is the lifeblood of the small business. Items indicated with a NSBA Star were voted one of NSBA’s Top Priority Issues for the 115th Congress.

Improve Access to Credit & SBA Lending  NSBA Star

NSBA urges Congress and regulators to improve and enhance the availability of credit, capital and equity financing to small businesses, and strengthen SBA’s successful lending programs.

Credit-Card Reform

NSBA urges Congress to enact protections for America’s small-business owners who rely on credit cards for financing and may not be fully covered under the Credit CARD Act.

Bank Examiners and Small Business Credit Scores

NSBA urges lawmakers and regulators to address banks’ over reliance on credit scores and seek alternative methods of evaluating the soundness of small-business loans.

Credit Union Limits

NSBA urges lawmakers to increase the cap on credit union small-business lending as one avenue to address the ongoing credit crunch that is crippling small-business growth.

Equity Capital & Crowdfunding

NSBA urges lawmakers to intervene and require the SEC to issue rules in-line with the intent of the law and avoid creating costly new regulatory regimes in the process.


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