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Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions
and The National Small Business Association

We are proud members of NSBA that allows us to advocate for small businesses.

Our expertise lies in offering loan products and resources specifically for self-employed borrowers, small business owners, and private real estate investors. Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions delivers a high-quality mortgage experience and customized loan products specifically for the members of NSBA. We understand that it can be a challenge to qualify for a home loan using tax returns and offer a Bank Statement loan as a solution for a quick and seamless close.

$500 off closing costs for all NSBA members.
Valid through September 1, 2024.

How We Help Self-Employed Borrowers:

  • Loan options for self-employed borrowers with significant tax write-offs

  • Solutions for those with recent credit events such as foreclosure or bankruptcy

  • Borrowers with significant assets and less than two years of self-employment

  • Investor specific programs

  • Bank Statement and 1099 Income loan products (Jumbo options available)

  • 12 or 24 months of bank statements allowed or 1099 earning statements

  • DSCR loan products to help real estate investors build their portfolios

 Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions LLC NMLS #1160240, Corporate Office,
980 Hammond Drive, Suite 850, Atlanta, GA 30328.

This communication is sent only by Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions LLC and is not intended to imply that any of our loan products will be offered by or in conjunction with HUD, FHA, VA, the U.S. government or any federal, state or local governmental body.

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