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NSBA CORPORATE PARTNER | Big Protection at an Affordable Price from CrowdStrike

Businesses large and small are targeted by cyber criminals, making cybersecurity a standard SAAS that every business needs in addition to accounting software, email and a website, no matter the industry.

Small businesses need a security solution that delivers powerful protection against enterprise-level threats, while being simple enough for a team of any size to deploy, use and manage — at a price that doesn’t break the bank.

The CrowdStrike Falcon Go bundle was created for teams that are starting to develop their security strategy or need to move on from legacy antivirus providers. Customers get scanless, next-gen antivirus protection with Falcon Prevent, along with visibility and granular control over their USB devices with Falcon Device Control. At just $59.99 per endpoint, per year, Falcon Go provides affordable cybersecurity solutions while guaranteeing high-quality protection.

Antivirus solutions have changed a lot over the years. Traditional antivirus software was designed to reactively detect, prevent and remediate known malware infections on individual systems or computers. It relies on signatures, which are hard to update and ineffective against fileless attacks, making it unable to protect your devices against new, emerging threats. As security breaches and ransomware continue to evolve, legacy antivirus has stayed the same.

CrowdStrike’s next-generation antivirus (NGAV) solution, Falcon Prevent, proactively protects against evolving cyber threats. It uses a combination of tactics so both known and unknown threats can be anticipated and immediately prevented. As adversaries diversify their strategies, Falcon Prevent evolves with them without slowing you down. ​​

CrowdStrike’s single, lightweight Falcon Sensor starts protecting your endpoints as soon as it is deployed. The sensor is cloud-based, so your business is protected online and offline. From initial deployment through ongoing day-to-day use, the sensor operates without impacting resources or productivity. It also delivers everything you need to stop breaches — providing maximum effectiveness on day one.

When you choose CrowdStrike, you choose peace of mind. CrowdStrike is the only cybersecurity vendor that Gartner, Forrester and IDC all recognized as a leader in modern endpoint security. CrowdStrike uses cloud-based machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence to analyze billions of events daily to evolve our protection strategies. These aspects make up the Power of the Crowd — any threats that are detected on a customer’s system contribute to overall protection and develop community immunity from evolving cyber threats. You’ll be part of the “Crowd” in CrowdStrike and get community immunity from modern cyber threats.

Enterprise-level cybersecurity is for everyone.

CrowdStrike Falcon Go is available for $59.99 per endpoint, per year.

Want to try before you buy? You can get a 15-day trial and get full access to the CrowdStrike Platform and industry-leading endpoint protection. Click here to Learn More!


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