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NEWS | Funding for Several Federal Sectors Expires Friday

Shutdowns harm small business.

MARCH 20 |  Congress is facing yet another shutdown, with the latest looming deadline of Friday fast approaching.

Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) said he expects new text for the most recent edition of the funding bill to be released as soon as this afternoon, including six spending bills providing solvency to several agencies, like the Dept. of Defense, as well as the Dept. of Veterans Affairs.

With procedural issues magnifying limited time before Friday’s deadline, Speaker Johnson attributed delay of passage to issues with funding for the Dept. of Homeland Security and its relation to immigration concerns.

The House has a rule requiring 72 hours for Membrs of Congress to review legislation before voting, and the Senate cloture rule is intended to provide similar time for deliberations; however, this means a vote may not happen until the end of the week or weekend, increasing the chances of a shutdown.

Both chambers are able to waive these procedural provisions, but the provisions’ purposes for review are a hard line for a number of Members of Congress.

Follow NSBA as we continue tracking progress of passage of this spending bill package.

Congress must compromise to keep the government funded.
Shutdowns harm small business.


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