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NEWS | House Small Business Committee Sends Clarification Letter to NLRB

Members of Congress are looking for additional insight on the NLRB’s changes to the joint-employer definition.

This week, Rep. Roger Williams (R-Texas), Chairman of the House Small Business Committee, and Ranking Member Nydia Velazquez (D-N.Y.) sent a letter to Chair of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) Lauren McFerran regarding a recent rule change to the Standard for Determining Joint Employer Status.

Cosigned by fellow Small Business Committee Members, Chair Williams detailed concerns to the NLRB around changes expanding the joint-employer definition, focused on how the change allows a joint employer finding based solely on indirect and unexercised control.

The letter further contended the change removes clear standards for determination and limits how employers can predict risks and costs of contracts with providers, vendors, subcontractors, and franchisees.

NSBA has long warned about the negative consequences of the joint employer rule changes and urges policymakers to craft policy that is clear in its requirements for employers and employees. We we look forward to learning more from the NLRB through this congressional correspondence.

Read the full list of questions submitted to the NLRB for clarity on changes to the joint-employer rule from the Congressmen here.

Click here to read NSBA’s comments on the rule.


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