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NEWS | Congress Avoids Yet Another Shutdown

Shutdowns harm small business.

On Thursday, the House passed a temporary funding bill to avert a Saturday partial US government shutdown, sending the bill to the Senate, where it passed 77-13. Congress’ latest stopgap measure will head to President Joe Biden’s desk.

The House vote was 320 to 99, with 97 Republicans voting against the stopgap. 

The bill would extend funds for some departments through March 8 and others through March 22 as lawmakers work out differences on delayed full-year spending packages for the fiscal year that began Oct. 1.

House Republican leaders agreed to the fourth interim funding measure of the fiscal year after reaching a deal to fund parts of the government through Sept. 30.

For how shutdowns harm small business, NSBA commends Congress for prioritizing a solution to prevent a lapse in funding, and we will continue to monitor progress of a longer-term spending plan.

U.S. Capitol open for business.


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