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Policy Groups

Issue Committees &
Legislative Action Council

NSBA is driven by a 32-member Board of Trustees comprised of volunteer small-business owners who oversee the organization and our policy stances. NSBA’s Leadership Council, a broad, grassroots network of small-business advocates, also helps develop and promote NSBA’s policy agenda. Any NSBA member can participate in our Issue Committees where they can raise issues facing their business and help the committee develop policy stances on those issues.

Every two years, at the beginning of a new session of Congress, NSBA holds the Small Business Congress where small-business owners discuss, debate and the vote on our Priority Issues. In the interim, NSBA works on various other issues of interest which are crafted through our policy-focused groups.

Policy Areas

NSBA's organization is purposeful and simple: Policy Groups are comprised of our Board of Trustees, and Issue Committees are comprised of our NSBA and Leadership Council membership.  

Still not sure of your Policy Group or Issue Committee status?  Contact Ian Elsenbach any time. 

Economic Development      

Policy Group          Issue Committee 

These groups oversee: small-business finance and access to capital, including credit cards, lending, bankruptcy law, securities issues and venture capital, federal small-business programs under the SBA, federal procurement, international trade, and innovation and technology issues.


Environment and Regulatory Affairs

Policy Group          Issue Committee 

These groups oversee: regulatory reform and flexibility, paperwork reduction, issues involving the SBA Office of Advocacy, and all issues related to energy costs and efficiency, and the environment.


Health & Human Resources 

Policy Group          Issue Committee 

These groups oversee: health care and health benefits taxation, employee benefits, medical malpractice, labor issues, union relations, FMLA issues, retirement, immigration and minimum wage.



Policy Group         Issue Committee

These groups oversee: federal taxes and the IRS, including expensing, broad tax reform, the Fair Tax, and federal budgetary issues.

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