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WEBINAR | CTA Update from NSBA and TaxSpeaker

Think the Corporate Transparency Act doesn't affect your small business? Think again, and learn what NSBA is doing about it in this update on the CTA.

JUNE 27 | This week, NSBA and TaxSpeaker hosted a roundtable webinar on an update on the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA).

NSBA is continuing its advocacy work on behalf of small business to stop the CTA, winning a federal lawsuit over the U.S. Department of Treasury and its Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) for its unconstitutional enactment of this cumbersome policy. While the federal government is appealing this decision, the current CTA law requires any business entity that was not a member of NSBA before March 2024, with 20 employees or less to file a beneficial ownership form with the Treasury.

Hear the latest on NSBA's efforts against the CTA in this informative webinar discussion, and follow NSBA as we continue our work to protect small business from cumbersome, unconstitutional policies:


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