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PRESS | NSBA Board of Trustees 2023

New Small Business Leaders Take the Helm at NSBA.


Contact | Molly Day 202-552-2904

Washington, D.C. – The National Small Business Association (NSBA) is kicking off 2023 with new Board leadership led by Bob Treiber, co-founder and president of Boston Engineering which provides product design and engineering consulting from concept development through commercialization. Treiber has been an active member of the NSBA Board of Trustees for nearly 10 years.

“Bob brings to the table his keen eye for process improvements and always urges us to ask ourselves why; he pushes us to be purposeful, efficient and true to our core mission,” stated NSBA President Todd McCracken. “Bob’s drive to continually examine what we do and how we do it has helped NSBA grow and adapt, and his leadership will be particularly well-suited as we continue to move past the pandemic in 2023.”

Joining Mr. Treiber in leadership positions on the NSBA Board of Trustees for 2023 are:

  • Marilyn Wilson Lund of WAV Group in Laguna Beach, California, as First Vice Chair;

  • Michael Canty of Allow Bellows and Precision Molding in Cleveland, Ohio, as Secretary;

  • Malcolm Prouty of LeProuty Properties in Austin, Texas, as Treasurer;

  • Bill Belknap of AEONRG in Downington, Pennsylvania, as Vice Chair for Advocacy;

  • Kevin Johnson of NexGen Interactive in Cleveland, Ohio, as Vice Chair for Communications;

  • Joan Myers of Strategic Link Partners in Moncure, North Carolina, as Vice Chair for Membership; and

  • Michael Stanek of Hunt Imaging LLC in Berea, Ohio, as Immediate Past Chair.

“Like many small-business owners, I often marvel at the way Congress operates and oftentimes doesn’t. Which is what makes organizations like NSBA so important—not just to me and the millions of other small-business owners like me, but for future business owners and entrepreneurs,” stated Treiber. “I look forward to ensuring that the needs of small business are top-of-mind for policymakers in D.C. and am confident that small business can be a shining example for lawmakers on how pragmatism and nonpartisanship can get the job done.”

Please click here for more on NSBA’s Board of Trustees.

Celebrating more than 85 years in operation, NSBA is a member-driven nonpartisan organization advocating on behalf of America’s entrepreneurs. NSBA's 65,000 members represent every state and every industry in the U.S., and we are proud to be the nation’s first small-business advocacy organization. Please visit and follow us at @NSBAAdvocate.


NSBA Board of Trustees 2023

Left to Right | Vice Chair of Advocacy Bill Belknap; First Vice Chair Mairlyn Wilson Lund; Immediate Past Chair Michael Stanek; Chair Bob Treiber; Secretary Michael Canty; Vice Chair for Communications Kevin Johnson; Vice Chair of Membership Joan Myers


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