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NEWS | President Biden’s Small-Business Report Card

This one could be one for the fridge.

As National Small Business Week (NSBW) continues through Saturday, President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are taking the opportunity to report on their small-business accomplishments with release of a small-business report card.

The Report Card covers four pillars of progress, including focus on: expanding access to capital by offering more than $300 billion in loans and equity investments through the end of the decade; making it easier than ever for aspiring and established entrepreneurs to access federal small-business programs; leveraging federal procurement, infrastructure spending, and research and development funding to support small business; and leveling the playing field for small-business owner by reforming the tax code.

NSBA applauds the White House and SBA’s efforts to support small business. There remains much work to be done to continue improving how the federal government interacts with and supports America’s small businesses, however NSBA is proud to work with any policymaker—regardless of party—to ensure small businesses can start, run and grow.

Follow us for additional updates, and read the entire Report Card here.


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