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NEWS | NSBA’s 2023 Small Business Congress

Raise your hand for Small Business!

Join NSBA for our 2023 Small Business Congress, this February 7-8 at the Hotel Washington in the heart of downtown D.C.

During the SBC sessions, you will hear directly from lawmakers on their small-business priorities, where we’ll discuss and debate key issues affecting small business, talk with policy experts and political insiders on what to expect in the coming months, and all participants will vote on NSBA’s priorities for the coming two years.

Leading up to this year’s SBC – returning in-person for the first time since the 116th session of Congress – NSBA’s Leadership Council and Board of trustees will begin the process of gathering insight synthesizing input on the biggest issues facing small business today.

Small business may get knocked down, but, after more than two long years of COVID chokepoints, some bad policy making its way from the congressional floor to the factory floor, we’re making our way back. Getting organized and developing a consensus small-business agenda is critically important—if you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu.

The event kicks off at 9:30 a.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 7 with a welcome ceremony and then the delegation will hear from policy experts on the biggest issues facing small business in our four issue categories: Economic Development, Environment and Regulatory Affairs, Health and Human Resources, and Taxation. You’ll hear from thought leaders on the biggest issues likely to be making their way through Congress in the 118th Session and will also get a briefing on the state of small business in the U.S. today. Small Business Congress will close just before noon on Wednesday, Feb. 8 after the delegation votes on NSBA’s priority issues.

NSBA’s 85+ years of improving the small-business climate would be nothing without its members. Our work together to shape small-business policy priorities, and our effort to educate and connect with Congress on the realities of running a small business is critically important, especially in today’s politically divided world.

Read more about 2023’s SBC here.


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