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NEWS | House Passes Slate of Small-Business Bills

Even with a shutdown looming, Congress prioritized small-business and passed a number of legislative items to the Senate.


During Wednesday votes, the U.S. House of Representatives favorably passed a slate of small-business bills, including a number of Veteran-related and opportunity expansion legislative items.

  1. H.R. 3511, the Service-Disabled Veteran Opportunities in Small Business Act – sponsored by Reps. LaLota (N.Y.-01), McGarvey (Ky.-03), Lee (Nev.-03), Thanedar (Mich.-13), and Lawler (N.Y.-17). Federal agencies have a goal of spending five percent of all contracting dollars with small businesses owned by service-disabled veterans. This bill requires the Small Business Administration to help failing agencies improve their inclusion of service-disabled veteran owned small businesses.

  2. H.R. 4669, the DOE and SBA Research Act – sponsored by Reps. LaLota (N.Y.-01) and Thanedar (Mich.-13). This bill requires the Department of Energy and the Small Business Administration to enter into an agreement to collaborate on research and development activities.

  3. H.R. 5265, the Small Business Administration Rural Performance Report Act – sponsored by Reps. Alford (Mo.-04), Luetkemeyer (Mo.-03), Ellzey (Texas-06), Bean (Fla.-04), Stauber (Minn.-08), and Pappas (N.H.-01). This bill requires the Small Business Administration to report on its efforts – specifically within the Office of Rural Affairs – to promote businesses and agricultural economies in rural areas.

  4. H.R. 6591, the Encouraging Success Act – sponsored by Reps. Ellzey (Texas-06), Moran (Texas-01), and Thanedar (Mich.-13). This bill requires the Small Business Administration to reassess the 8(a) program threshold cap every four years to ensure that it is in line with market realities.

  5. H.R. 7105, the WOSB Certification and Opportunity Expansion Act– sponsored by Reps. Velazquez (N.Y.-07) and LaLota (N.Y.-01). This bill requires that only women-owned small businesses that have been certified by a federal agency, state government, or national certifying entity approved by the Small Business Administration are included when calculating whether a federal agency has met its contracting goals with respect to such businesses during a fiscal year.

Several other small-business bills previously passed out of the House Small Business Committee were up for a full vote yesterday, but, with the need to address a spending plan to prevent a government shutdown, several items’ consideration was postponed:

  1. H.R. 5426 – To require the Administrator of the Small Business Administration to provide a link to resources for submitting reports on suspected fraud relating to certain COVID-19 loans

  2. H.R. 7128 – The WOSB Integrity Act of 2024

  3. H.R. 7102 – Native American Entrepreneurial Opportunity Act

Follow NSBA as we continue to follow progress on small-business legislation, including the passed items as they move to the Senate for further consideration, and read more about NSBA’s Issue Priorities here.

A general photo of Congress voting.






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