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NEWS | House Holds Two Small Business Hearings 

There is bipartisan support shaping up for small business on Capitol Hill.

This week, the House Committee on Small Business (HCSB) held a hearing, “Tax Hikes Crush the Competitiveness of Small Business,” as well as a subcommittee hearing, “Office of Inspector General Reports to Congress on Investigations of Small Business Administration (SB) Programs.”

During the tax hearing, Chair Roger Williams (R-Texas) reiterated NSBA’s call for a common sense tax code that works for small businesses, including less regulation and lower rates of liabilities.

Reps. on both sides of the aisle agreed that when small businesses are able to save more with lower taxes, owners are more likely to reinvest that money into hiring more employees and workers, buying more goods, and serving more of their local communities.

Watch the full hearing here:

Convening Wednesday morning, the HCSB Subcommittee on Oversight, Investigations and Regulations gaveled in under Chair Beth Van Duyne (R-Texas). Focused on oversight into mismanagement and redundancies under the SBA.

This hearing comes on the heels of two new SBA rules set to take effect this May, including ending the moratorium on lending licenses for SBLCs, as well as a new practice on increasing data transparency for the small-business lending process.

Read more about these two rules here, and view the full subcommittee hearing here:

Follow NSBA for the latest from Capitol Hill, including small-business updates from the House and Senate Committees on Small Business.


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