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NEWS | Exporting Webinar from NSBA

Watch this "nutty" webinar from NSBA, Ex-Im Bank, and BNutty any time!

Discovering the world of exporting can be full of both challenges and opportunities.


That’s why, this month, NSBA is partnering with the Export Import Bank (ExIm) and our “nuttiest” friends to tell the inspirational story of two soccer moms who founded BNutty, an Indiana-based peanut butter company.


Join us to learn how these two navigated the global market and turned selling homemade peanut butter into an international success.

Join this conversation with the National Small Business Association (NSBA) and BNutty's founders as they widely discuss the following: 

  • How their journey began with an annual fundraiser, which lead them to explore local farmers’ markets and evolved into a global company.

  • Their bold move of loading their soccer bus with jars of peanut butter and venturing to compete with industry giants at the Fancy Food Expo in the heart of NYC.

  • The essential resources they leveraged from EXIM and SBA to navigate the global landscape and work safely with international buyers.

  • Practical advice for interacting with international buyers and captivating anecdotes from their business experiences in foreign countries.


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