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NEWS | CTA Lawsuit Update

A status report on how the current form of the Corporate Transparent Act does not, in fact, support small business.

Join NSBA on Wednesday, June 28 at 11:00 a.m. EDT for a status report on the lawsuit NSBA filed against the U.S. Department of Treasury over the Corporate Transparency Act—or so called “Beneficial Ownership” rules.

A great deal has happened since NSBA formally filed its lawsuit in November 2022, including Treasury’s formal response citing several erroneous reasons why the suit should be dropped. Please join NSBA and our legal experts for an update on where the lawsuit stands, what’s ahead how NSBA plans to march forward on behalf of America’s small businesses.

Under the CTA, the federal government is creating a national registry that would require ONLY small-businesses owners to submit detailed personal and financial information in an effort to stem money laundering.

Spend 45 minutes with NSBA and our expert legal team for an important update on this issue.


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