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NEWS | Congress Passes CR Funding

President Biden signed the CR into effect after House passage on Sept. 30, narrowly avoiding a government shutdown. Funding is fulfilled through Dec. 16, when lawmakers will once again have to address this fiscal priority.

SEPT. 30 | This afternoon, the House voted to advance a 10-week stopgap funding bill to fund the government with a continuing resolution (CR) through Dec. 16, 2022, by a party line vote of 230-201. 72-25.

The vote comes after the Senate passed the bill 72-25, clearing a procedural hurdle earlier this week for advancement when Senator J0e Manchin of West Virginia (D) requested his special interest project to expedite permitting for energy projects be removed from the CR text.

In addition to providing federal solvency (at least on paper) and keeping the government open beyond this weekend, the text includes provisions $12.4 billion in aid to Ukraine – nearly $1 billion more than requested by the President.

With the legislation on its way to the White House, lawmakers will have less than three months to agree on a funding plan for the federal government following their return from midterms this November.

Biden’s requests for $22.4 billion to COVID resources and $4.5 billion to respond to monkeypox cases were not addressed in the legislation poised for a vote this evening, and, while Democrats claim the bill as a great reflection of bipartisanship, its final terms remain largely uncertain.

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