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NEWS | Big Voices for Small Business: 70m Strong and Voting

Engage your employees. Talk about policy. Get out the Vote for Small Business.

With the midterms less than three weeks away, the need for elected officials who support small business and NSBA’s priorities is greater than ever. According to the most recent World Bank Rankings, the U.S. ranks fourth in ease of doing business, but 20th in terms of starting a business, and 64th in terms of dealing with and paying taxes.

Amidst painful inflation, rising interest rates, and increasingly cumbersome and confusing regulatory policies imbalanced on the back of small-business owners, talking to your employees about how to understand business priorities at the polls could make a difference for years to come.

Of course, politics in the office is almost as much of a faux pas as politics at the dinner table, which is why NSBA has developed tools to make approaching these conversations painless, productive and appropriate.

NSBA has created a nonpartisan poster for you to hang at your workplace which can help further explain and contextualize the importance of voting and why voting on small-business issues matters.

For those small-business owners looking to take this engagement even further, download NSBA’s “Dos and Don’ts” Guide. Consulting with leading employment attorneys on a mission to serve small business owners, NSBA got the scoop on the dos and don'ts of talking with employees at work about voting.

As business owners and employees educate themselves before casting a ballot, don’t forget to share your small business happenings with NSBA – we’d love to see you at the polls!


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