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Connecting Small Business

NSBA's Directory is exclusively for NSBA members.  Supporting small business as an advocate for the entire community since 1937, if you've considered starting a small business, NSBA knows the best ways to help get you started, including our new Directory tool to connect small-business owners across the country for networking and commerce. 

Directory Registration Instructions

  1. Ensure you are a member of NSBA.  Members are in current good standing if they have paid their dues. For more information on your membership standing, please contact Ian Elsenbach.

  2. Complete all entries for the form. If there is a problem with form entries or submissions, please contact Chana Elgin.

  3. Upon submission, NSBA will verify your registration and provide a password upon confirmation. Please allow at least two business days to process this confirmation. 

Directory Purpose and Rules

  1. NSBA's Directory is exclusively available for NSBA members in current good standing.

  2. NSBA's Directory is exclusively provided to connect members within the NSBA small-business community.

  3. Purposes for connection should be limited to networking and conducting business unrelated to data scraping or harvesting. 

  4. Users accessing the Directory for the purpose of collecting contact information will be expelled and barred from entry. 

Directory Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us.  NSBA IS committed to keeping all information shared secure.  We do not share or sell any information you provide.


 We use your personal data to include registrants in our Directory. By using our services, you agree to the collection and use of information in accordance with the Terms of Use for the Directory. 

Join NSBA's Directory

A powerful tool exclusively for NSBA Members.

*If you are not a member, please do not complete this form, and join NSBA today!

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Thanks for registering! ​Look for a confirmation email from NSBA soon! 

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