SBTC Honors "Champions of Small Business Innovation"

Feb 7, 2012

The Small Business Technology Council honored Members of Congress, Congressional Staffers, and small business owners and employees for their work in ensuring the Small Business Innovation Research program was given a long-term reauthorization with the Champion of Small Business Innovation Awards on Thursday, February 2 at a reception hosted by the NSBA.  After over 3 years and 14 short-term extensions, the SBIR program finally received a long-term reauthorization late last year, when it was included in the National Defense Authorization Act passed by Congress and signed by President Obama.  This final act was the culmination of years of hard work and determination from small businesses around the country, as well as policymakers in Washington who recognized the importance of the SBIR program for America’s high-tech small businesses and never gave up in making sure this program was given the long-term reauthorization it deserved.

Highlighting just how many people played a role in getting this important piece of legislation passed, a total of seventy-three individuals were recognized by the Small Business Technology Council.   These winners were selected by the SBTC membership as individuals whose contributions to SBIR reauthorization were above and beyond the normal, expected efforts.   In addition to “Champion of Small Business Innovation” awards, “Lifetime Achievement” awards were given to individuals who have spent over 10 years working on SBIR and small business innovation advocacy.  Also, four “Most Valuable Player” awards were given to Senator Mary Landrieu, Senator Olympia Snowe, Kevin Wheeler, and Bob Weiss, as these four were identified by our members as being the most important and hard working individuals in the SBIR reauthorization effort.

Follow this link to view pictures from the February 2nd Awards reception:


We are proud to recognize the contributions made by those who volunteered their time, effort, and money in ensuring that this vital program continues to provide small businesses the capital they need to develop new technologies.  Below is a list of the award recipients:


“Most Valuable Player of Small Business Innovation Advocacy”

Senator Mary Landrieu
Senator Olympia Snowe
Kevin Wheeler
Bob Weiss


“Lifetime Achievement, Small Business Innovation Advocacy”

Ann Eskesen                  -              Innovation Development Institute
Jere Glover                     -              SBTC
Heidi Jacobus                 -              Cybernet Systems
Larry Nannis                   -              Katz, Nannis & Solomon, PC
Robert Schmidt               -              Cleveland Medical Devices, Inc.
Rick Shindell                    -              Zyn Systems
Michael Squillante           -              Radiation Monitoring Devices, Inc.
Roland Tibbetts

“Champion of Small Business Innovation”

Senator Scott Brown    
Senator Jeanne Shaheen           
Representative Niki Tsongas     
Representative Ed Markey        
Representative Buck McKeon  
Representative Phil Gingrey     
Representative Peter Welch     
Representative Paul Tonko
Representative Jackie Speier
Chris Averill
Sarah Christopherson
William Spring
Mary L. Sprayregen
Jason Ogle                    -              Knowledge Based Systems, Inc.
Fred Patterson              -              The SBIR Coach
Gail & Jim Greenwood   -              Greenwood Consulting Group, Inc.
Ash Thakker                  -              Global Technology Connection, Inc.
Jim Woo                        -              Interscience, Inc.
Alex Hecht                     -              ML Strategies, LLC
Jeremy Rabinovitz         -              ML Strategies, LLC
Roy Keller                      -              Louisiana Technology Transfer Office
Larry Wollf                     -              Equinox Corp
Nahum Gat                    -              Opto-Knowledge Systems, Inc.
Mike Browne                 -              SA Photonics
Ashok Singhal               -              CFD Research Corporation
Chuck Nardo                 -              Toyon Research
Kevin Burns                   -              Precision Combustion
ML Mackey                     -              Beacon Interactive Systems
Joanna Jannson            -              Physical Optics Corporation
Gordon Drew                 -              Physical Optics Corporation
Les Bowen                    -              Material Systems, Inc.
Jeff Gilling                      -              Diamond Antenna & Microwave Corp.
Kyle Kempf                    -              NSBA
Robert Baker                 -              SBANE
Charlie Russomanno     -              Department of Energy
Ken Mahmud                 -              Triton Systems
Scott Hauge                  -              Small Business California
Christopher White         -              Active Spectrum, Inc.
Max Kidalov                   -              U.S. Department of the Navy
Jack Salerno                  -              Agiltron
Roger Schane                -              Charles River Analytics, Inc.
Stu Haber                      -              Infoscitex Corporation
Ross Haghighat             -              Triton Systems, Inc.
Simon Budman               -              Inflexxion
Raman Mehra                 -              Scientific Systems Co., Inc.
Ronald Spangler            -              TIAX LLC
Jim Barry                        -              Creare, Inc.
Joe Schwartz                 -              Intelligent Automation, Inc.
B. David Green               -              Physical Sciences, Inc.
Steve Smith      
Mahadevan Krishnan      -              Alameda Applied Sciences Corp.
R. Lawrence Ives            -              Calabazas Creek Research, Inc.
Matt Oristano                 -              Reaction Biology Corp.
Patrick Cobler                -              Vtech Engineering Corp.
Hap Stoller                     -              TPL, Inc.
Chuck Kolb                     -              Aerodyne Research, Inc.
Jonathan Pearl               -              Perceptral LLc
Ken Thurber                   -              Architecture Technology Corp.
Todd Quackenbush        -              Continuum Dynamics, Inc.
Jacques S. Gansler, Ph.D      -       University of Maryland,
                                             School of Public Policy
Charles W. Wessner      -        
National Academy of Sciences 

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