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70 Million Strong

NSBA in 2008 launched a campaign, Small Business: 70 Million Strong…And Voting, to highlight small-business issues. Today, we have updated that campaign with new data, new resources and a comprehensive list of the issues that matter most to small business. Most notably, we conducted a groundbreaking survey on the politics of small business in America to underscore small businesses’ massive impact not only on the U.S. economy but also on the U.S. political system.

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Energy Star Challenge

NSBA has been a leading proponent for improving the energy efficiency of America’s small businesses. This is both an environmental issue as well as a way for small businesses to positively impact their bottom line through energy cost savings. NSBA has joined with the voluntary ENERGY STAR® Small Business program to challenge our members to reduce their energy consumption by 10 percent or more through improved energy efficiency.

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Credit Today, Growth Tomorrow

America’s small businesses have been held back by the recent credit crunch. They have struggled to stay afloat in the economic downturn and now, as the economy begins to rebound, their ability to grow and create jobs continues to be held back by a lending community that just doesn’t understand small business. NSBA has developed a unique page dedicated to improving capital availability for America’s small businesses through our various issue stances and advocacy efforts as well as our new partnership with On Deck Capital.

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Prevent IRS Abuse

Lawmakers have been targeting America’s small-business owners as a culprit of the so-called “tax gap” and have time and again proposed revenue raising measures that would fall squarely on the backs of honest, tax-paying small businesses. NSBA has been an outspoken opponent to these unfair proposals and has a comprehensive page to raise awareness about the various tax threats, provide resources and information, and educate small businesses about common mistakes in tax preparation.

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