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How We Determine Our Policy

NSBA is a uniquely member-driven organization where the small-business members drive our policy agenda. Every two years, at the beginning of a new Congress, NSBA holds the Small Business Congress where small-business owners discuss, debate and the vote on our Priority Issues.

In addition to the Priority Issues, NSBA works on various other issues of interest which are crafted through our active Issue Committee structure. Any NSBA member is welcome to participate in our four Issue Committees: Taxation, Economic Development, Environmental and Regulatory Affairs, and Health and Human Resources which meet via teleconference on a monthly basis. Please click here to get involved with NSBA’s Issue Committees.

Please click here to download a one-pager of NSBA’s Top 10 Priority Issues.

The Priority Issues for the 115th Congress

  1. Rein-in the Costs of Health Care
    Policymakers should prioritize health care cost containment and seek substantial relief from the many  burdens and regulations imposed by the Affordable Care Act. (more)
  2. Reform the Current Tax Regime
    NSBA supports a broad overhaul and simplification of the tax system by dramatically broadening the base—cutting the breaks that litter the tax code—and lowering rates. (more)
  3. Corporate Tax Reform that Includes Small Business   
    NSBA opposes efforts to pass corporate-only tax reform without some kind of workable solution for the millions of pass-through small businesses that will see no relief from corporate-only reform. (more)
  4. Improve Access to Credit and Strengthen SBA Lending
    NSBA urges Congress and regulators to improve and enhance the availability of credit, capital and equity financing to small businesses, and strengthen SBA’s successful lending programs. (more)
  5. Improve Small-Business Contracting
    NSBA supports reasonable legislative and regulatory reforms that promote, facilitate and enhance small-business participation in the federal marketplace. (more)
  6. Regulatory Reform and National Regulatory Budget
    Congress should seek to ease the massive federal regulatory burden through proposals such as a national regulatory budget to bring much needed regulatory reform and transparency. (more)
  7. Strengthen SBA Office of Advocacy
    Congress must allocate the financial resources required for Advocacy to provide consistent, reliable information about small business and advocate within the federal government. (more)
  8. Deficit Reduction & Entitlement Reform  
    NSBA supports a two-pronged approach to reduce the ever-growing national debt which includes broad, pro-growth tax reform and much-needed entitlement reform. (more)
  9. Improve Cybersecurity and Financial Protection   
    NSBA urges Congress to establish pragmatic, streamlined guidelines and protocols to ensure the protection of online data and financials without an undue burden on small business. (more)
  10. Fair Labor Practices in the Workplace
    NSBA supports fair labor, economic growth, and job creation, and opposes unfair and burdensome efforts to bolster organized labor’s stronghold through a number of concerted efforts. (more)
  11. Government Reform and Enhanced Bipartisanship
    NSBA urges lawmakers to take specific steps toward reducing the debilitating partisanship in Congress and transforming it into a higher-performing institution. (more)



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