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Regulatory Reform

NSBA is a tireless advocate against unfair, unnecessary and disproportionately burdensome regulations. Leading efforts to bolster the SBA Office of Advocacy, NSBA has, for years, worked toward broad process improvements to simplify and streamline the federal regulatory process as well as the U.S. litigation system. Items indicated with a NSBA Star were voted one of NSBA’s Top Priority Issues for the 115th Congress.

Regulatory Reform and National Regulatory Budget NSBA Star

NSBA urges policymakers to seek relief from the massive federal regulatory burden through proposals such as establishing a national regulatory budget and requiring a cost-benefit analysis of new regulations.

Strengthen SBA Office of Advocacy NSBA Star

NSBA is calling on Congress to support and sufficiently fund the SBA Office of Advocacy and its important objectives of ensuring regulatory fairness for small business.

Government Reform NSBA Star

NSBA urges lawmakers to take a number of measured steps to begin to reduce the debilitating partisanship in Congress and transform it into a higher-performing institution.

National Regulatory Budget

NSBA strongly supports efforts to curtail the ever-growing and overly burdensome web of federal regulations and urges lawmakers to endorse and enact a National Regulatory Budget.

 Tort Reform

NSBA supports broad tort reform to end the unfair targeting of small businesses and bringing an end to frivolous lawsuits to bring back fairness, accountability and common sense to U.S. courts.

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