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Labor & Employment

NSBA has led the charge against unfair and burdensome efforts by regulators and organized labor to stymie small businesses ability to grow and prosper. An outspoken opponent of mandatory E-Verify, NSBA also advocates against overreaching efforts to dictate the employer-employee relationship from myriad special interest groups. Items indicated with a NSBA Star were voted one of NSBA’s Top Priority Issues for the 115th Congress.

Fair Labor Practices in the Workplace NSBA Star

NSBA urges Congress to oppose unfair and burdensome efforts to bolster organized labor’s stronghold through various rules and legislative proposals.

DOL Overtime Rules

NSBA urges the Department of Labor to withdraw or significantly scale back this rule. In lieu of such action, Congress should intervene and halt any implementation of the rule.

Immigration Reform

NSBA urges reforms to the U.S. immigration system which will improve small-business access to workers without placing heavy burdens upon the business owners.

Oppose Mandatory E-Verify

NSBA urges Congress to oppose legislation that would mandate the use of E-Verify due to the massive and unfair burden it would place on America’s small-business owners.

Equal Employment Opportunities

NSBA urges policymakers to ensure small business hiring is not hampered by unnecessary and unfair regulations that interfere with the regular hiring process.

Family and Medical Leave Act

NSBA opposes expansions to FMLA which would increase small businesses’ burden and represents unnecessary government intervention on how to compensate their employees.

Flexible Scheduling

NSBA urges Congress to amend the Fair Labor Standards Act to enable small employers to adopt flexible scheduling for employees and enhance work-life balance strategies.

Minimum Wage

NSBA opposes an increase in the federal minimum wage which could have a very significant, negative impact on small businesses, job growth and the U.S. economy.

Repeal Davis-Bacon

NSBA supports repeal of the Davis-Bacon Act which mandates wages paid to workers on federal contracts and often is significantly higher than market wages.


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